Data-Driven Do's and Dont's

Back to basics.

Basically, if you are in the analytics business, you need to be in the storytelling business. While that's a new buzzword, it does capture the essence of what you are doing. Rather than investing in the fanciest (and most expensive) new analytics tracking tool, invest in people who can take your data and make it relevant to your business. Train your best analysts to think like a business owner in order to bring value to the next meeting.

Companies need to see a complete picture of what drivers lead to success. Being able to spot reasons why people want to sign up for an email are far more important than measuring how many people signed up from the beloved modal pop-up window that offered you a discount before you even saw the website.

Start to measure performance of campaigns through conversions which extend well beyond first-click or last-click models. Return on investment takes time, don't expect your analyst to be able to provide a real-time dashboard in which you will see the ROI of each tweet.

Always remember, good analytics should help decide whether or not you are achieving your objectives!